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DIY Repair Kit

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Works On







- and many other stone products(natural & engineered)


Clean damaged area with the enclosed alcohol pad


Apply resin to damaged area. Try to use just enough to fill in the damage


Cover resin with plastic slip to even out resin. Turn UV light on and place on top of plastic slip. wait approximately 20 seconds and peel off plastic slip


Hold the razor blade perpendicular to the countertop. Quickly Scrape back and forth over the dried resin to remove excess, make smooth and flush with the countertop. You should hear a sound similar to fingernails across a chalkboard. This will not damage the countertop.


Use the enclosed steel wool pad to remove excess resin and polish

Items included in Chip fix:

  • 1m1 syringe with clear fast curing UV resin
  • 2 syringe tips
  • 2 clear plastic slips
  • 1 professional UV light
  • 1 razor blade shaver
  • 1 steel wool polisher
  • 2 alcohol cleaning pads

Why is this product for you?

Without requiring special tools or skills, this hole filler kit will provide excellent results on a wide variety of surfaces, including expensive or sensitive ones. The complete set is extremely user-friendly, while also keeping in mind safety concerns when it comes to dealing with food or cooking surfaces.


It is recommended to use rubber gloves and safety glasses when handling resin. Avoid skin contact. Avoid eye contact. If contact occurs clean or flush with water. If irritation persists contact a doctor. Avoid looking directly at UV light.


repairing a surface chip

repairing an edge

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FAQ & Trouble Shooting

Make sure the chipped area is clean and dry using the alcohol pad. Peel the plastic slip off slowly.

Yes. Please watch the video above.

Yes. It may be necessary to layer the resin by repeating steps 1-5 a few times.

Yes. Our product does well in terms of filling chips in dark stones but please keep in mind that the fill may be slightly lighter than the natural stone color.

No. As long as you only slide the shaver back and forth as instructed you should never have a problem. Be more cautious on marble.

Not necessarily. Sometimes you can get a good fix without this, but the razor shaver tends to give you a more flush fix.

Not always. On edges it may be easier to shape the resin with your razor and then use the UV flashlight. The resin will setup without the plastic sheet unlike other kits. The advantage of the sheet is to make the fix more flush.

No. Our repair kit sets up much quicker than other kits on the market. Once you’re done with step #5 you are good to go!

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